We did it!

At least I hope so:) Friday at 5 pm we were literarily pushed out of our studio, after more or less spending our last weeks living there, finishing our work for examination (some of us more in the last minute than others...). What were we gonna do now? Well, it didn't really take us long to figure out, as it was a lovely sunny day (which is rather rare in Scotland), and the only thing to do then is to hit the Meadows. Some popped the Champagne and we were all a happy bunch! Shortly after we hit the road heading towards Brass Monkey. After one beer most of us were asleep in the too comfy "bed" (they have a separate room with something like a mattress-couch covering the whole floor, where they usually show good films!), so the celebration did not last for long, at least not for me. A good day all in all though, and been sleeping most of the weekend after! I'm still not done though, my degree show is coming up in middle of June, so tomorrow I'm going back to do some extra work for that. The worst stress is over at least, so now I'm just gonna enjoy the college fascilities. I'll be back with images of my actual work! In the meantime- here's my new website: http://illustration.eca.ac.uk/2008/talseth/

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Julie sa...

Så flott hjemmeside du har laget Kristin!!! :) Skikkelig flotte bilder!

Anonym sa...

Hei Kristin!!! Lenge siden. Jeg oppdaget brått en link fra facebook og hopped inn på siden dinb.Du er tydeligvis ferdig med studiene i Scotland nå. Kommer du til å fortsette å bo der fremover??
Bildene dine er utrolig fine!

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