No worries no cry, right?

Just experimenting with some ink and paint at the moment- it's alot of fun as it's quick and energetic- a good contrast to work with the pencil! Although I like both, it's good to have the variety of techniques- keeps me from getting bored.. Today I've decided that I'm gonna stop worrying about things until I've tried it out. How can I know how I will feel about anything until I've done it? This sounds all logical and nice, but from experience I can make something sound extremely difficult or complicated without really knowing what I'm talking about. But that's it now, so bye bye worries! (ok, this might last until tomorrow, but hey, at least it will give me peace to get a good night's sleep!)


Compass Gallery and trekking in Scotland

I finally managed to get out of my comfort zone in Edinburgh and hit the westcoast of Scotland! After talking about it since I arrived here 4 years ago I had to get my good ol' trekking friend Christiane Marie over here to drag me out. Without much planning (mainly blamed on my busy schedule lately..) we hit the railroad with food, tent, sleeping bags, warm clothes and an open mind; basically all you need- exept a rainproof suit. And where are we going? Scotland, hello!! How long have I lived here?? Well, my excuse is that because I'm lazy and don't go trekking unless I'm in Norway, so of course my good clothes are back home. But hey, we were gonna be ok, right? We arrived in Oban, got on the ferry out towards Isle of Mull, our destination. We sat there on the boat, with out sunglasses on and even got a slight sunburn. Talked to a nice Norwegian family, who had the trip already planned out, and a nice bed and breakfast waiting for them. How normal, eh? Arriving on Mull, we were ready to climp the highest hill, just to find out there were no buses going in that direction. As none of us are particularly good at taking any decisions (quickly), we took the local busdriver's advice and went for the nearest hill. On the way up we met some highland cows and then other trekkers on their way down who told us more about the hill. I think they mentioned a few raindrops to come.. We continued up the steep beginning, and soon decided it was time for food. It was pretty windy, but we found some kind of shelter next to some bigger rocks. As we were laughing and taking photos, I felt the first raindrop. No problem, we could handle a bit of rain! We took our time and finished the mail, then thought it might be good to find a place for the tent. We were next to some sort of forest, but had to climb a 2m hig wired fence to get to the trees.. By then it had started to rain sideways. Heavily. About an hour later we stood like two drowned cats outside a b&b wondering if there were any vacancies... It continued raining the next day, basically it rained through our whole stay. Still we were laughing through most of it, we got to see a lot and appreciate the beauty of the island! And thanks to very friendly hosts we remained fairly dry the rest of our trip:)

As a result of my degree show I was asked to put some work in for an exhibition for graduates in Compass Gallery in Glasgow- here's a peak! It opened just last week and is on until the first week in August. Quite exciting! I haven't heard how the interest has been since the opening, so that will be even more interesting... You can see one of my drawings in the photos above (the big one with the horse and leopard), the rest is a small selection from the whole exhibition. All the exhibitors are selected from art colleges all over Scotland. More details: http://www.compassgallery.co.uk/

It feels good that life hasn't stopped up completely since graduation, although I get some panic thoughts now and then thinking about what on earth's gonna happen next- or where I shall be! I'm going home in few weeks time, but I'll keep my base in Edinburgh and look for work when I get back. Might look out for something in Norway as well!