I miss it already

Got back from a great stay in Norway 2 days ago, just to discover a good old grey and cold Scotland. It's been raining all weekend and not even a sign of a blue sky behind it all! Luckily I'm not staying around for long, as soon as Tuesday morning I'm heading off to sweet Portugal with some fellow Illustrators (not that I think we'll be illustrating much this time).. I have a feeling that it will be my new favourite country, from what I've been told and promised:) And I sure don't mind some more summer so I can survive another Scottish winter. There are a lot of things happening or waiting to happen at the moment, and I have no clue what I will return to. My plan is to look for a part time job as well as producing as much art as I possibly can- so I can actually start exhibiting. At the moment I only have a piece here and there, I want to build it up to a series of images. The drawing above was one of my main pieces in the degree show and has been a busy mover since; first I showed it in Compass Gallery in Glasgow, and this weekend it was chosen to take part in Juvenarte 2008, Oslo- an exhibition and competition for Norwegian students that have taken an Art/Design degree abroad. Quite good! No idea what happens next, but I feel motivated and focused, so these are exciting times.

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