Nothing is like an evening with After Eight, red wine and a good friend

I've had such a great day, although I spent alot of it sleeping and dreaming! But then I spent the whole afternoon with my good flatmate Ali making work and scanning photos. Above are some examples; the beautiful horses of Portugal- the Lusitano, that I've already put on my wishlist for Christmas! Not just do they look great, they are amazing to ride, with a smooth and very comfortable pace. Things are going well in Edinburgh, I'm starting a part time job next Monday (wish me luck!) and planning a solo exhibition for December-January (in a very nice Swedish café/bar called Boda Bar). I'm also trying to get in Christmas mood by making cards- does anyone know about a good place for printing gift cards? Please leave me a note:) But before Christmas is coming along, I will enjoy the fresh air and colours of autumn! Although I loved the comfort of the heat and sun in Portugal, I do like the season changes of the North. It makes me feel alive:)

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