Charity Art

What is it with these moody boilers in Edinburgh? Once again, we've got no heating or hot water. I've got layer upon layer of clothes, but it doesn't help much in a big and drafty old flat. And it's definately not pleasant to draw with freezing hands.. Still, I've got to work, as I've got an exhibition coming up in just a couple of weeks! At the moment I'm drawing cows, cows, cows plus I've started a couple of paintings (nice change!). Recently I handed in a print of the man and whale for a Bernardo's art auction that will be held in my previous work place, Joseph Pearces. It's already up in an exhibition with 30 different artists, but the actual auction will be on December 10th. It'll be great fun, so don't miss out!


I just sat down to do some drawing, but had to share some of my last photos with you first.. I love the mood in these photos and the quality of black and white film (I always use the original Ilford HP5), I think it has a certain tranquility to it that you don't get with colour photos.