Winter exhibition, come along!

No idea what happened when I uploaded these pictures- the blue is supposed to be brown, but hey! I like it! Anyway, what I was supposed to say is that my exhibition is coming up this week, the opening will be on Sunday the 7th of December, starting at 5pm with bubbly drinks and swedish pepparkäkor! All this greatness will take place at one of the most lovely bars in Edinburgh; Boda Bar. Although I'm getting quite bored of looking at my images (frames all over my room) and have a feeling that I should have made more, I'm still looking forward to see them in a different space. And it will be fun to have an evening with friends!

Over to something completely different; our new family member!

Introducing Myfish, named after our beloved old flatmate Myshell who brought him into our home. He is now the heart of our kitchen, and an excellent breakfast buddy!