Roberta Cummings at Nordisk Kunst Plattform

Recently I got on the local train for a little adventure. The trip went to Brusand, not that far away, but it still got me into that travelling space where your mind can go anywhere.. A good starting point for where I was heading; to a small gallery run by an artist couple (Jan Kjetil Bjørheim and Elizabeth Croft)- both the gallery and their home is the old train station in Brusand. It was charming and I felt very welcome, as well as it felt good to chat with "colleagues" again. Alongside running the gallery they do workshops for both artists and ... well, everyone! They are Nordisk Kunst Plattform. Oh, and the exhibition? This time they were showing etchings by Roberta Cummings; a selection of quirky and maybe dark, yet humorous observations of stuffed animals. I thought they were perfectly fitting into the atmostphere of the old station. Have a look!


Home is where the dog is...

I miss having a dog, and was reminded of this when I took a walk on the beach recently. I met this big hairy creature above along with a briard (even more hairy!), which both came running towards me for a cuddle. Just what I needed! So obviously I was inspired when I got back to the studio to do some doggy doodles. Here are some of them:


Studio Blomst!

I have just started working in this amazing flower shop called Studio Blomst runned by a very inspiring woman, Gjertrud Marie Jensen. Check out her website for original and beautiful decorations. I have included some of my first makings here, and looking forward to try out more. I couldn't find any better job to go along my drawing; it's fun, creative and practical!


how much is that doggy in the window...

Today is the deadline of the year. It is when all Norwegian artists stop producing and start writing- applications for funding.. I've spent the whole day trying to make a good one so I can start using the printmakers workshop here in Stavanger (top picture taken from the inside of the workshop, where I went the other day and got a great tour!) and produce even more. So that's that done. Now back to drawing...


Memories of Scotland

I love the exitement of developing photos. I still use my old analog SLR, and despite the pain of scanning negatives for digital use I just like not knowing how the photos turn out. My little selection here is from July, and I had forgot most of them! That is until I see them again, and I'm straight back in Scotland. I guess that's what fascinates me about images, they make you play with time.


Meet the neighbours

It turned cold and rainy this past week, so when the sun sneaked out one of the days I grabbed my bicycle and explored the neighbourhood. I met alot of curious faces along the road, like this one above! They are good for sketching too as they don't move too much.. Rainy days are also good for drawing, but that means staying indoors exploring ideas over a cup of tea. I think it might be a lot of tea drinking ahead as it's slowly turning into winter here. It started snowing this weekend further into the country, so it can be a long winter this year.
I wish all you two- and four legged a happy new week:)


Website under construction

Thought I'd put out a sneak preview of my new upcoming website. As I've been doing alot of the work myself (with good support from my friend Catherine) it is taking some time, but with some more help I should be able to finish it off hopefully within the next month:) Until then check in on my blog for news!


Studio Søtten

This is what I saw this morning as I went for an early walk on the beach!
The rest of my day I spent moving into my new studio at Trine's house; Studio Søtten. Soon it should be filled with new sketches, we already have to many ideas that needs to be put into action. So until then I'm bringing my camera everywhere, as if not to let anything slip away...


Goodbye summer, welcome new horizons!

After a rainy summer in the South to the West- probably with even more rain to come! I have finally arrived at my new destination: Stavanger (Norway, yes). Never been here before, but this is where I have decided to build up my drawing career. Luckily I'm not completely on my own as I will be working with fellow Illustrator Trine Mangersnes, and funnily enough another ex eca-student, Anette is living here as well! We might just have to make a new little Edinburgh. It wouldn't be to hard, as the weather and nature here are remarkably similar to that of Scotland.. And I thought I was done with that windy place!

More news will come from our new studio, Studio Søtten, soon I hope! We still need to tidy up and sort all our stuff, mine is still carefully wrapped and packed in their shipping boxes. I can hardly wait to have it all in front of me, all materials in one place and a blank page to start fresh... Sounds good, but also quite intimidating! At least I won't be alone, and that helps on motivation I think. Here's a peak at our studio view, easy access to inspiration and quick walk to calm the head! Should be good:)


Waiting for it all

I'm home, but not really. Or so it feels: I'm in between places, people and happenings, waiting for it all to start although I know I'm the one who need to start it. I'm in the middle of moving, waiting for my stuff, my art, my life! It's both frustrating and exciting. So what I'm doing these days is catching up with good old friends, being lazy if it's sunny and dreaming about all the things I want to do next. Waiting doesn't have to be too bad after all... It's the best time for dreams and ideas to grow!


To the Horse

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. ~Arabian Proverb


New website on its way

I'm finally in the process of updating my online portfolio an making a new website, although as I'm doing alot of the work myself it's taking more time than I originally thought! I think this is true to all that I try to do though, especially when technology is involved... (right Trine? ;) Anyway, I will post it here as soon as it is up and running, and next time I will hunt down a webdesigner. Simple as that.


Amokk and more!

Showing one of my last commisions; my first logo work that I did for my good friend Siv who, together with Elin have started their very own dog training school: AMOKK!
They're based in my hometown Arendal in Norway, and I'm eager to see them in action! Also, I'm very proud to see them using the logo on all kinds of products, I think I need to get one of the bags above myself (does it come with the dog perhaps?). So if you happen to be southern-Norwegian-dog-enthusiast you should definately check out amokk.no.

If you're not in Norway however, but should happen to be around Glasgow the coming week, I will exhibit drawings and prints at the Glasgow Art Fair from 23-26 of April. Never been to the fair before, so I'm looking forward to see it all! You can find my work at stand 35, where I'm represented by Compass Gallery.
More news to come!


Spring is on its way, I love waking up to the bright light in my room, and even walk home in daylight after work! At the moment I'm trying to find the time to do new work while building up my portfolio, getting it out to companies and galleries, planning a new website and what I like the most is my new membership at Edinburgh Printmakers. I just joined last week, started making some lovely photopolymer prints that I'll make sure to show here once I pick them up. It was so nice to be back in a larger creative environment again, and I had a sneaky peek at what everyone else was doing. It's looking good:)



Sunday Salon

Despite spending the weekend watching too many episodes of Sex in the City and eating Chinese takeaway I've been quite busy and productive (what am I trying to justify?). I've arranged and framed some of my work that I put up in a show yesterday called 'Sunday Salon'; a one day exhibition in an Art collector's flat in Edinburgh! It was good fun, we were 4 artists showing work, and spending an evening together with more or less random people discussing art and everything else. Here is my corner:

I also spent most of the weekend in the good company of fellow artist Trine, and as the Edinburgh weather is in a friendly mood these days we went out to draw. The pictures are taken from the roof top of the National Museum, which has a great view! (ok, a bit windy up there)