Paris, Paris!

I've been organizing all my photos on my pc today (not because I had so much spare time, rather as yet another avoidance to doing what I should be doing) and got stuck in the Parisian folder for quite a while. It's already two years since I went there on a study exchange, and that distance made me look at the memories in a very different way. It made me laugh alot and feel good about thoughts and events from then, both good and bad; now I can see the result of some of the struggling that felt so unnecessary at the time. Alot of silliness, strange how easy it is too look back and judge yourself, yet how difficult it is to recognise or change in the moment of emotion. However, as long as I can look back with a funny smile on my face, that's all I want. I'll share with you some of my collected memories that inspired me today:

Kid's drawing from the street, beautiful!

Typo exhibition in the college, work of Robert Massin
Below: From student exhibition in the college

My companions and saviors in the big city:


& Charleine!
Below: Visitors from Norway:)

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature:

That's it for now!

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