Website under construction

Thought I'd put out a sneak preview of my new upcoming website. As I've been doing alot of the work myself (with good support from my friend Catherine) it is taking some time, but with some more help I should be able to finish it off hopefully within the next month:) Until then check in on my blog for news!


Studio Søtten

This is what I saw this morning as I went for an early walk on the beach!
The rest of my day I spent moving into my new studio at Trine's house; Studio Søtten. Soon it should be filled with new sketches, we already have to many ideas that needs to be put into action. So until then I'm bringing my camera everywhere, as if not to let anything slip away...


Goodbye summer, welcome new horizons!

After a rainy summer in the South to the West- probably with even more rain to come! I have finally arrived at my new destination: Stavanger (Norway, yes). Never been here before, but this is where I have decided to build up my drawing career. Luckily I'm not completely on my own as I will be working with fellow Illustrator Trine Mangersnes, and funnily enough another ex eca-student, Anette is living here as well! We might just have to make a new little Edinburgh. It wouldn't be to hard, as the weather and nature here are remarkably similar to that of Scotland.. And I thought I was done with that windy place!

More news will come from our new studio, Studio Søtten, soon I hope! We still need to tidy up and sort all our stuff, mine is still carefully wrapped and packed in their shipping boxes. I can hardly wait to have it all in front of me, all materials in one place and a blank page to start fresh... Sounds good, but also quite intimidating! At least I won't be alone, and that helps on motivation I think. Here's a peak at our studio view, easy access to inspiration and quick walk to calm the head! Should be good:)