Studio Blomst!

I have just started working in this amazing flower shop called Studio Blomst runned by a very inspiring woman, Gjertrud Marie Jensen. Check out her website for original and beautiful decorations. I have included some of my first makings here, and looking forward to try out more. I couldn't find any better job to go along my drawing; it's fun, creative and practical!


how much is that doggy in the window...

Today is the deadline of the year. It is when all Norwegian artists stop producing and start writing- applications for funding.. I've spent the whole day trying to make a good one so I can start using the printmakers workshop here in Stavanger (top picture taken from the inside of the workshop, where I went the other day and got a great tour!) and produce even more. So that's that done. Now back to drawing...


Memories of Scotland

I love the exitement of developing photos. I still use my old analog SLR, and despite the pain of scanning negatives for digital use I just like not knowing how the photos turn out. My little selection here is from July, and I had forgot most of them! That is until I see them again, and I'm straight back in Scotland. I guess that's what fascinates me about images, they make you play with time.


Meet the neighbours

It turned cold and rainy this past week, so when the sun sneaked out one of the days I grabbed my bicycle and explored the neighbourhood. I met alot of curious faces along the road, like this one above! They are good for sketching too as they don't move too much.. Rainy days are also good for drawing, but that means staying indoors exploring ideas over a cup of tea. I think it might be a lot of tea drinking ahead as it's slowly turning into winter here. It started snowing this weekend further into the country, so it can be a long winter this year.
I wish all you two- and four legged a happy new week:)