Studio Blomst!

I have just started working in this amazing flower shop called Studio Blomst runned by a very inspiring woman, Gjertrud Marie Jensen. Check out her website for original and beautiful decorations. I have included some of my first makings here, and looking forward to try out more. I couldn't find any better job to go along my drawing; it's fun, creative and practical!

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Anonym sa...

wow... :-) me like big long time!

Anonym sa...

that sounds amazing! my job is still nowhere to be found... :( but i've got invited to make an exhibition in april
p.s. i like your blog, good to read how you are doing!
good luck x nika

.Belinda sa...

Håper du trives der borte! Ser ut som en interessant jobb du har fått deg! Nå er jeg også blitt blogger forretsen!
Klem klem