Roberta Cummings at Nordisk Kunst Plattform

Recently I got on the local train for a little adventure. The trip went to Brusand, not that far away, but it still got me into that travelling space where your mind can go anywhere.. A good starting point for where I was heading; to a small gallery run by an artist couple (Jan Kjetil Bjørheim and Elizabeth Croft)- both the gallery and their home is the old train station in Brusand. It was charming and I felt very welcome, as well as it felt good to chat with "colleagues" again. Alongside running the gallery they do workshops for both artists and ... well, everyone! They are Nordisk Kunst Plattform. Oh, and the exhibition? This time they were showing etchings by Roberta Cummings; a selection of quirky and maybe dark, yet humorous observations of stuffed animals. I thought they were perfectly fitting into the atmostphere of the old station. Have a look!

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