Colours of Easter

It's pretty good working in a flower shop. I love it actually; being surrounded by beautiful colours, sweet smells at the same time as I get to be creative. It also means I bring flowers home more often! So now it's all yellow around here. Not too much though, as it's quite a strong colour, and I'll probably be bored of it once Easter's gone... But for now I like it for it's colour of Spring and energy! And while I'm on it, I just received a lovely package from Miss Ballantyne including an orange cream and my favourite handcream. She makes the loveliest products of herbs and oils, or 'food for the body' as she says. Just had to share it:) Food for the body is found here. And that was that, I wish you a happy, or at least relaxing, Easter. God påske!


Pets on the beach

Today I brought my pets to the beach. Yes, all the dogs and my two white horses. With no other animals (or people) around they had plenty of space to go wild. They loved it, so I probably should do it more often. Maybe I'll bring the sketchbook next time, although I think the camera did the best job today:) This is for all you lucky pet owners, enjoy!


Blast from the past

I just wanted to share with you an old drawing from my very early days, and as you can see the love for dogs (and all animals really) has always been shown through my drawing:) I remember repeatedly drawing both dogs and probably most horses, and was very frustrated when I got it wrong.. Now however, I find it very charming!