Mongol Rally

A good friend of mine is going on a crazy journey. Soon he will drive all the way from Scotland to Mongolia- just like that. Alongside the experience he is doing it to raise money for charity (Mercy Corps), or as he says himself:

"It’s about being stupid enough to drive
all the way to Mongolia in an entirely unsuitable car for the benefit of people
who are less fortunate than us."

I love it, what an adventure!
I would also like to encourage anyone to support him with some pennies (or more!), as he's not got too much too start with! He's a guy who doesn't ask for much, and I would love for him to have the greatest time:) So take a closer look at his website here! I will keep you posted on his trip as he rolls...


"Two handsome and moustached Polish brothers. Originally
from the Ukrainian border. Small village boys. Have weakness for drunken wedding
music. Opa! Favourite instrument: accordion. Have teeth and are not afraid to
show them.

Enjoy helping old ladies across the road."

(More charming quotes here!)

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