I've always loved going to the library; being there and getting lost in all the stories and pictures. I forget the time when I'm there too. I wanted to share with you some the images I was drawn to this time. All the colour photos are taken from a book about a Norwegian/Swedish designer duo; Arne & Carlos. I like what they say about the chandelier; that it was made out of pure boredom one evening. It reminded me that it is important to give yourself the space and time to think for yourself (no distracting tv..), so yes; it's ok to be bored now and then. It's necessary. The beautiful drawings are taken from a book about Norwegian drawing Artists (published by Tegnerforbundet). So, have a look..

Above: Margaret Kirkwood Andresen

Below: Bjørg Omholt

Below: Lillebet Foss

Below: Lykke Frydenlund

(I remember making clothes for my barbie too.. And of course; cutting their hair!)

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Anonym sa...

i like the chandelier too! actually making some "chandelier" sculptures now for a new exhibition... must be chandelier inspiration in the air!
take care xxx nika