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I had the loveliest time at our Christmas Market this weekend. It was such a cosy atmosphere, with lots of nice people visiting, Christmas lights everywhere, homemade snacks and a good mix of handcrafts and gifts. Here’s a little glimpse for you who could not be there! And to those who did come along, thank you for contributing and making it great:D





Me and my Mikla sisters are arranging a new event, once again in Bryne (Rogaland, Norway); our own little Christmas Market! I’ll be there with some of my prints and Christmas cards. You can also find beautiful porcelain cups and vases, Photography, flowery things and other handcrafted gifts. There will be "juleknekk" and "gløgg" (snacks and mulled wine:) to keep you warm and cosy!

Kom og finn oss da vel: Lørdag 27 november fra kl 15.00 i bakgården på Helsehuset Viben, Meierigata 4, Bryne. Vi gleder oss!


The Christmas Elk

My favourite animal has entered Studio Blomst, and with him came Christmas:) This beautiful flower studio is always worth a visit, but especially this time of the year. It's a hectic time for florists, and I have lots of great memories from working here last Christmas! Late hours and the weirdest sense of humour..

It has an atmosphere that just needs to be experienced:) You'll find it in the centre of Bryne, where you'll be welcomed by the lovely owner Gjertrud Marie! More inspiration here:)


What am I doing?

Right now I’m jumping from one project to the other (this is usual for Illustrators..); Designing Christmas cards, drawing a dove tatoo, fixing an old painting and getting it reframed, preparing to start a new painting portrait... In other words; being a busy bee!  IMG_4784Which is great of course, but sometimes I wish I could be more like this fellow (above).. IMG_4769IMG_4797IMG_4772IMG_4738IMG_4754IMG_4788IMG_4789IMG_4791IMG_4793IMG_4795The Christmas cards need to be ready for printing soon, as I’m planning to sell them at a Christmas market I’m arranging with MIKLA at the end of November. There will also be prints for sale and hopefully another few things that I’m trying to get done- plus of course products of the other MIKLA ladies! I will post more on this later, so if you live in Bryne or nearby, keep that weekend free:)

For everyone else; you can always order postcards or prints through me here. Come back soon for ready designs! IMG_4796