What am I doing?

Right now I’m jumping from one project to the other (this is usual for Illustrators..); Designing Christmas cards, drawing a dove tatoo, fixing an old painting and getting it reframed, preparing to start a new painting portrait... In other words; being a busy bee!  IMG_4784Which is great of course, but sometimes I wish I could be more like this fellow (above).. IMG_4769IMG_4797IMG_4772IMG_4738IMG_4754IMG_4788IMG_4789IMG_4791IMG_4793IMG_4795The Christmas cards need to be ready for printing soon, as I’m planning to sell them at a Christmas market I’m arranging with MIKLA at the end of November. There will also be prints for sale and hopefully another few things that I’m trying to get done- plus of course products of the other MIKLA ladies! I will post more on this later, so if you live in Bryne or nearby, keep that weekend free:)

For everyone else; you can always order postcards or prints through me here. Come back soon for ready designs! IMG_4796

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Kathrine sa...

O helga natt! DIGGER den! Når og hvor skal julemessen være?