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Happy January!

Happy new year to everyone I haven't met so far this year:) A long celebration is finally coming to an end, and I've had enough sugar and fat for a while. It's been a very cold Christmas this year, a proper white Christmas! I've not been too eager capturing that white beauty though, as my fingers would freeze before I would get the camera out of the bag. So instead I've been staying in drinking tea and eating gingermen whilst playing board games or watching movies. Just like winter holidays should be. I also managed to finish the portrait above before the end of 2009, a gift for a friend. I have lots of ideas for what to do in the coming year, and will try to keep the blog updated as I go! I find this time of the year both inspiring and challenging; there are certain expectations that arise at new year. The most important is just to start, or simply continue what you were doing before all those gingermen (and women!) entered your rutine! Happy January!