By the way... New website!

I have been waiting to share this with you; my new website is up. Finally!! Same address as before, so what are you waiting for? Visit me at kristintalseth.com!

I would love your feedback on the website, if you miss something, how you read or see it, do you find it practical.. All that stuff. Please let me know, and I hope you find something new or something old that you like!


Above: What am I made of by Olga G. Nilsen, from the exhibition Tegnekunsten (The Art of Drawing) that I visited last Friday at Agder Kunstnersenter. It was showing a good variety of drawings; from life drawing to cartoons, illustrations and detailed studies. Quite interesting for me as I use drawing as my main expression. Alongside the exhibition there was a seminar with the same title, where I enjoyed the company of other artists and talking pencils, inks, paper... Here's a little peek into the exhibition:

For some unknown reason there seemed to be popping up sheep around this exhibition.. Nice stuff in the streets too:And back to Stavanger again!


Hyungji Park, 'Strange Scenery'

What a beautiful weekend. It was the first few days of that Spring warmth. Thank you Sun! (I like the fact that I live in Sola, which is Norwegian for the Sun:)

Sunday I went to an exhibition opening at Nordisk Kunst Plattform and met the lovely painter Hyungji Park. She is originally from South Korea, but now lives in London. And at the moment she is exploring Norway! I really enjoyed her collection of work that she has called Strange Scenery. She has put these playful images together inspired by random photos, cartoons and magazines, using oil paint and collage. And I love the result. You can read more about her work here, and if you happen to be in Rogaland you should drop by and see it for yourself. Nordisk Kunst Plattform is run by a sweet artist couple that live and have a gallery at Brusand togstasjon, which is an old train station. That makes it worth a visit in itself! And after, do like me and hit one of Jæren's beautiful beaches.



Marchmont Gallery

Just before I left sweet Edinburgh last year I was lucky to leave some prints and drawings for show in Marchmont Gallery. Now they have just updated their website and included an artist list, and here I am:) I am very pleased to have my work with them, as the gallery has a lovely atmosphere, good work and nice people. It feels a bit like home, as I got to know the Marchmont neighbourhood well while living in Edinburgh. I miss it! So if you are an Edinburgher or just in town, it's worth a visit. Or just drop by online.