Dusting off old prints!

doggy Dogprints, monoprint

hvalWhale, photopolymer print

It’s a good way to start the new year by sorting through old stuff! It feels great when you’re done.. I found out I have quite a lot that shouldn’t be dusting away in my folders, so I’m picking out prints and originals that I can put up for sale online and try to get into a café or gallery. So please give me a shout if you know about anyone who could be interested;)

Right now I’m also working on a few illustrations for IRIS, who I did a project for last summer. More on this another time, now enjoy the weekend!

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Kathrine sa...

jeg trykker "like".

Miss Talseth sa...


Kathrine sa...

hva skal du gjore for IRIS?

Miss Talseth sa...

De har spurt om noen illustrasjoner til årsrapporten dems. Så jeg må bare sette igang:) Skal prøve å legge ut skisser etterhvert!