Memorat x 2:


I had such a great time today when my good friend Gjertrud Marie invited me along to check out this exhibition by Aud Bækkelund and Birgit Eide at Bryne Mølle. We were absolutely charmed by the religious birds, funny ideas and the original use of everyday objects. Gjertrud Marie, who is an artistic florist (in my words), was studying the techniques and materials used in the works, while I was fascinated by the illustrative look of the objects. And all the great shadows.. They were like drawings of their own:)


Aud Bækkelund:


Birgit Eide:

fugletroIMG_5824IMG_5839 IMG_5843IMG_5853 IMG_5857IMG_5855




pip   IMG_5796 IMG_5798   birdstwo birds IMG_5801


Look who flew into my space:) I played around with them by taking photos, scanning and drawing them.. Not sure how to use them yet, maybe they would look cute on cards...

greenbird bluebird 3birds



IMG_5545 IMG_5538 IMG_5541 IMG_5543[photos taken by miss talseth]



I’ve started to take product photos for my shop that will be up on epla.no (the Norwegian equivalent to etsy.com) shortly- I’m only struggling to put prices on everything, which I always find stressful... Anyone with some good advice for that? Then please let me know:) Until then you’ll have these photos as a taster. I would also love your tips or wishes for any other ways to use my illustrations! Although I still haven’t tried out half of my own ideas... More to come, in time..

Meanwhile I hope to hear from you:) Have a lovely new week!


Auksjon til inntekt for Stine Sofies Stiftelse 9-13 februar

I have just donated a print of my 'oh deer' for an auction on facebook run by Stine Sofies Stiftelse; A Norwegian organisation working with the vision of a childhood without violence. I'm very happy to be able to contribute in my own little way, and hope you will do to! Click here if you want to vote for mine or other products- there's jewellery, clothes, pillows, kid's toys and other handmade goodies. More info here:)


Chocolate and love...

...on a Tuesday!IMG_5535copy IMG_5529

Today was great.. Had a long breakfast, worked, went to yoga, found some treasures in a secondhand shop and visited my dear friend who runs Studio Blomst where I couldn’t resist this beautiful branch of Magnolia and a more than delicious chocolate (with love)!!

And to finish it all I went to a very funny seminar by Laurie Rosenworld (who came all the way from New York!). Amongst the things I learned was that you can draw eyeballs on anything and it works:)