projet d'art

[Zoo Series, photopolymer print by miss talseth]
[Untitled 1 & 2, photopolymer prints by miss talseth]

A little while ago I was asked if I wanted to put up some work for sale on this online art gallery called projet d'art. It is runned by two other artists/designers who are based in Scotland, and their aim is to promote and make place for unseen art and design. So some of my animal prints are now up and out for sale! Have a look here:) The guys behind the site make some cool stuff themselves:
[Sun Bear PT2 by Kirsty Sutherland]
[Lily Cole by Chris Rafferty]


sketchy sunday

[mixed media by miss talseth]


Natural History Museum Oslo



IMG_6062 IMG_5961

IMG_5930 IMG_5950  IMG_5966 IMG_5993

IMG_5971 IMG_5973 IMG_6095      IMG_6071 IMG_6079


These are some of the photos I took when I visited the Natural History Museum in Oslo, the same weekend as I attended Grilldagene. I immediately wanted to sit down and draw as I walked in, I’m fascinated by the details, patterns and textures of each animal. Of course I prefer animals alive, but still it is a great opportunity to study them closely. Luckily I had my camera with me, and I almost took a picture for every step I walked in there:) Which gives me a good new addition to my animal reference library! I work a lot from photos, and when photographing I approach the  object from every angle possible, up close and far away, looking for exciting compositions for me to draw. Next time I’ll bring my sketcbook too!


Oh, and they also had a fun (and possibly scary for some..) exhibition with sculptures based on a children’s book by Jo Nesbø, called D.D.S.Ø.I.F; Animals you wish didn’t exist. And yes, I’m definately happy they’re not to be found in our world (yet;).



[Illustration by Charleine Boieiro]

This illustration was made by a good friend
-and old classmate- of mine, and I just wanted to share it with you! What I love about her work is the use of black and white, shadow and light- just look at how the hand is in beatiful contrast to the black block of ink. Here she has used quink ink, which I had totally forgot about and need to get a hold of again. You get a kind of faded effect of the ink as it goes from black to blue and brownish yellow.

More of her inky and evocative work can be found here!


2 things I love

[photos by miss talseth]


Grilldagene and new studio!

IMG_5903IMG_5909 Anette Heiberg, Svein Nyhus & Åshild Irgens

I’ve just started to settle again after a great weekend in Oslo, where I attended Grilldagene last Saturday. This is a yearly arrangement set up by Grafill’s Illustration group, and luckily I managed to come along. It was an inspiring and fulfilling day, thanks to the girls who put the seminar together, and of course the speakers. Fig Taylor, Illustrator agent from the AOI started off with good advice on how to approach the Illustration market and the importance of presenting yourself and putting together a clear and consistent portfolio. The follow up was Gorm Kunøe who gave us a quick course on sale; how to get rich as an Illustrator... Just to find out there are no quick tricks, but it’s important to CALL OUT and say HERE I AM! And find those clients (wherever you’re hiding, I’ll find you;)..

14_%20KATJA%20(OWN%20PROJECT) Katja by Petra Börner

Last, but not least, London based Illustrator Petra Börner shared her experiences in the field, showed us sketches, working progresses and different ways of using Illustration. All in all these speakers represented various parts of the Illustration world, and the result was a seminar well worth visiting!

To sum up I learned that you can go far with a strong and consistent style, look for clients constantly and in forgotten corners, see illustration elsewhere than just in books and magazines- plus I found out that I have great Illustrator colleagues! :)

IMG_6109IMG_5916IMG_6097IMG_6108ryesMiss Talseth & Gunvor Rasmussen

Sunday I met up with blogger and Illustrator Gunvor Rasmussen and we had a nice chat and lunch at the cool café Ryes in Grünerløkka. Check out her cool monsters and "pretty ladies" on her blog, plus more pics from Grilldagene here:)

She also adviced me to visit the Natural History Museum, where I took so many photos it needs its own entry (will post soon).


Oh, and I almost forgot- I’m moving into a new studio in April! Me and Kathrine Kristiansen are going to share the space, and we just started painting. More on this too later!

Puh, I think I need a cup of tea now.. Maybe you’ll join me?