Natural History Museum Oslo



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These are some of the photos I took when I visited the Natural History Museum in Oslo, the same weekend as I attended Grilldagene. I immediately wanted to sit down and draw as I walked in, I’m fascinated by the details, patterns and textures of each animal. Of course I prefer animals alive, but still it is a great opportunity to study them closely. Luckily I had my camera with me, and I almost took a picture for every step I walked in there:) Which gives me a good new addition to my animal reference library! I work a lot from photos, and when photographing I approach the  object from every angle possible, up close and far away, looking for exciting compositions for me to draw. Next time I’ll bring my sketcbook too!


Oh, and they also had a fun (and possibly scary for some..) exhibition with sculptures based on a children’s book by Jo Nesbø, called D.D.S.Ø.I.F; Animals you wish didn’t exist. And yes, I’m definately happy they’re not to be found in our world (yet;).

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Gjertrud Marie Jensen sa...

Du, og bare du klarer å få utstoppede dyr til å se ut som om de har humor :-) Nydelige bilder!