New studio!




Friday was my first workday in my new studio in Meierigata 4, Bryne! From being a dark, little used storing space it has turned into a bright and inspiring room in where creativity is about to happen.. :) The studio is attached to what used to be the old pharmacy in Bryne, a really nice old building (sorry I forgot to take a photo of it!) that is now used as a sort of health centre, called Helsehuset Viben. I found this place when I started doing yoga there last summer, so I got two good things in a go! Now I can do yoga in my breaks and prevent that stiff neck that usually comes with my profession. Brilliant:)

Below are two photos from last week when I visited a friend with a lovely house and the coolest dog.. 



And I just had to throw in this picture below from last summer because it made me remember how the sun feels!


See you next week:)

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Gunvor Rasmussen sa...

å så utrolig koselig det ser ut!