Crin Blanc - an observation

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I was watching this film yesterday; Crin Blanc: Le Cheval Sauvage by Albert Lamorisse, beautifully filmed in black and white and set in Camargue, south coast of France, where the white horses live... A combination that I couldn’t resist. And as my camera was lying next to me, I instinctively started to take snap shots as the film was running. So I can’t really take the credit for the photos, but I wanted to share with you the atmosphere in the film.. A meeting between a horse and a boy and their fight for freedom.


BALUBA and Jærdagen 27-29th of May

This weekend Kathrine and I will have an open studio to show people what we’re up to! There will be lots of happenings, food and music in the streets of Bryne as it is time for the yearly Jærdagen & Jærnåtta.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you that we have decided to call our studio BALUBA ILLUSTRASJON, and you can find us here!
We would love to see you @ Meierigata 4, Bryne (that’s in Norway, yes):
Friday   10-16
Saturday 10-14
Sunday   12-14

[Illustrations by Kristin & Kathrine]


good morning tiger..


[photo by miss talseth]


new horizon?

copy [photo by miss talseth]