Portrait of Ella

ella detail

ella copy

My last portrait of cute Ella that I finished some time ago (but couldn’t share before it was received by the mum:). For these kind of drawings I use slightly harder type of pencils (2H-HB) for the fine hair and lighter shades, then add the softer pencils to get the darker contrast in the eyes and background. When I draw like this I get into a certain mode, almost a meditative state of mind. Music is a good friend when doing this, and it makes me forget about time and space...



Ella and Maria

If you’ld like a portrait too, feel free to get in touch for more info and prizes! All I need from you really is a good and clear photo to draw from. And as you might have noticed I don’t mind drawing animals either if you would like a pet portrait. Oh, and I use colour too, although personally I prefer the good old ‘colour’ of the pencil:)

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Anna sa...

Så sarte og nydelige dei var:)

Anonym sa...

Nydelige tegninger Kristin :)
Uttrykksfulle øyne!
Stolt mamma :)

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Lene Gravdal sa...

Utrolig flotte:)

iiS Woodling sa...

lovin' it!