Calendar competition!

kalender_tema copy

Me and Kathrine at Baluba Illustrasjon got this idea a while ago to make a 2012 calendar together- then thought, why not ask other illustrators/artists to join us too? So we blogged about it here, and requested ideas for a calendar theme that we now have chosen.. In english this would be:

If I dared, I would...

So I challenge you to picture this and take part in this fun, little competition of ours! With me and Kathrine doing one month each, we need 10 people to draw the rest.. But we would like as many as possible to join in, and we are thinking of putting up a small exhibition with all the work too!

Last day for entries is 30.09.11, and work can be sent to me as a pdf or jpeg to kristta[at]online.no. You can send several examples if you want to. Follow us at Baluba for more info, or leave me a comment if you need it in english:)

Looking forward to hearing from you...And feel free to invite all of your drawing friends!

ps: a little bit of inspiration I found through Kathrine’s blog, about another sweet collaboration project; Girls Who Draw!



Illustration in Fett magazine



Fett, a Norwegian feminist magazine just published their 2nd issue, and inside it you can find one of my illustrations:)

The article I was asked to illustrate discusses the documentary Paris is burning (by Jennie Livingston) and the politics in drag culture. The film portrays queens and competitors of the drag ball subculture of New York. I had a great time researching and looking through funny clips from the film, the characters are really something..

I was asked to do a collage for this commision, which I really enjoyed as I haven’t made one for quite some time. I did it by mixing good old cutting and pasting (you know, with scissors and such) as well as putting the last parts together in Photoshop.  I wanted the image to portray how the characters of the film seem to have many faces; Where as a drag ball competitor you are judged upon your ‘realness’, how well you play your role. It made me wonder who is the real person behind the drag?

Also, I learned what voguing is and that it didn’t come from Madonna:)


IMG_7740 utklipp

Scanning the bits!


In process: Here’s one of my first tries, but I realised this one looked more like a Native American...

By the way, for you who’ld be interested, the theme of this issue is humour and you can find it in a good Narvesen or at your library. Go Fett.