sleepy website + busy days


Hello folks, just a little note to tell you my website hasn’t been working properly lately- but I’m trying to fix it and hopefully it should be up and running shortly.

I’m enjoying busy days with some fun projects at the moment, but cannot show too much from them yet. One of them is making a kids activity booklet for a local bank, and this is a collaborative project I’m doing with Kathrine. I like being two about it, I think it’s interesting to mix styles like that and you’ll have the double amount of ideas;)

Thanks also to my epla customers, it’s very interesting for me to see what pictures you like- then I know what to make more of:)

Here are some of my favourite things that brighten up my home at the moment:


A beautiful little bowl with lid made by my good friend Stine Rommetveit. (And a little dog from my childhood days..)


...and I finally got myself one of those cool Areaware pillows that I’ve wanted from the day I discovered them!

I wish you a good weekend and hope to see you soon.

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