just a sketch

sketchdog_copy [drawing by miss talseth]

This I enjoy. Rough pencil marks mixed with a soft marker pen. That’s all I need:)

Going home for the weekend to celebrate some family members, so I wish you all a good weekend!


a little bit of fashion

fashion_collection fashion_1 fashion_2[images by miss talseth]

When I draw people I tend to seek inspiration from the fashion scene. Colours, wild hair and strong contrasts.. I like it when it’s dreamy and surreal, it’s a place to explore the human body, shape and textures. The top sketch is something I found in an old pile of drawings, and I felt the urge to do some more.

LOVE how this guy uses his pen and ink, I couldn’t possibly pick out a favourite to show you, so you’ll have to see for yourself;)


Open studio tomorrow the 17th


Things are happening at Baluba Illustrasjon these days.. Have a look! Open studio tomorrow, will you be there? I hope so.

happy weekend!


my studio


radio IMG_8068

elefant IMG_8037 IMG_8040   IMG_8071

I love my studio.

I love having a studio. I’ve been here since April but it still feels like I just moved in. Apart from the fact that there’s a lot more stuff on the wall by now.. It feels good to have my own space, a retreat outside of home, somewhere I can create and make a good mess if I want to. Surrounded by inspiration and a good colleague. I feel lucky:)

PS: Forgot to say my website is up and running again. Plus I’ve signed up for this cool sketchbook project - more about it later! I strongly recommend you check this out if you like to draw;)


goodbye summer

IMG_7938 copy

IMG_7710 IMG_7823 IMG_7907

IMG_7903  IMG_7947 IMG_7980   IMG_7704

IMG_7618   IMG_7911


...come back soon.