a little bit of fashion

fashion_collection fashion_1 fashion_2[images by miss talseth]

When I draw people I tend to seek inspiration from the fashion scene. Colours, wild hair and strong contrasts.. I like it when it’s dreamy and surreal, it’s a place to explore the human body, shape and textures. The top sketch is something I found in an old pile of drawings, and I felt the urge to do some more.

LOVE how this guy uses his pen and ink, I couldn’t possibly pick out a favourite to show you, so you’ll have to see for yourself;)

2 kommentarer:

Katrine {Magifabrikk} sa...

Så fine tegninger! Liker å vandre rundt på bloggen din, du er dyktig!

Miss Talseth sa...

Tusen takk Katrine, og i like måte! Jeg finner masse inspirasjon på bloggen din:)