Wear it like a crown


[photo by Mats Bäcker]


[music by Rebekka Karijord]

Wow. Cirkus Cirkör. What can I say but thank you! I was so lucky to see this amazing show yesterday called Wear it like a crown with Circus Cirkör, a Swedish nouveau cirque. To me it was a breathtaking, beautiful and humorous experience. Visually and musically stunning with a story exploring fears and loneliness, and about turning them into possibilities..

A show about wearing your fears and failures with pride.

Wearing it like a crown is inspired by and also named after one of Rebekka Karijord’s songs. I had to buy her cd The Noble Art of Letting Go, and when playing it today I was straight back in that wonderfully strange feeling Cirkus Cirkör gave me yesterday. I hope they come back soon:)

Thinking of it, the show came at the perfect time, as I’ve been working on my illustration (above) for Baluba’s calendar competition with the matching theme If I dared, I would... And I would like to live in the forest, and maybe tame an elk that I could ride on through the path of trees... and if I could I would sing like Rebekka Karijord:)



IMG_8644 IMG_8637


[sketches and photos by miss talseth]

2 kommentarer:

Katrine {Magifabrikk} sa...

Så fascinerende, skulle gjerne vært på den forestillingen:)
Liker veldig det temaet du jobber med, ser fantastisk ut, spent på å se resultatet.

Miss Talseth sa...

Katrine, jeg er sikker på dette er et sirkus for deg:) Mørkt og magisk!

Jeg ble veldig inspirert, og håper jeg kan skape en slik stemning i arbeidene mine en dag:) Liker å jobbe med denne iallefall, straks ferdig!