Presenting the calendar

Here’s the result of our Baluba calendar project, we picked it up from the printers last week, and have been busy sending them off to participants and clients! We are very happy with how it turned out, so here are some examples for you to have a look at. And if you would like to buy it, leave me a comment here or get one straight from my epla shop!

This is my illustration for the calendar, we were all illustrating the same theme; ‘If I dared I would...’ And I would tame an elk and call myself queen of the forest! I enjoyed making this image by mixing drawings and photos, making a digital collage which I haven’t done that much before.


Kathrine Kristiansen would make a living of selling old treasures...

KALENDER_stine copy 
‘I would dare to like you’ by Stine Rommetveit

And Gunvor Rasmussen would wear a leopard dress every day!


This is the last page of the calendar where we’re presenting all the illustrators/artists that have contributed. There’s a different artist for every month, and I got May as I wanted:) The layout and design was made by me and Kathrine in Baluba Illustrasjon, and the calendar was printed locally.

So, 2012 should be a good year, right?

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