god jul!

julekort3 [illustration by miss talseth]

Here we are again, less then a week left before Christmas. How come it arrives so suddenly every time? I feel like time is spinning faster each year, is it possible? Anyway, these last couple of weeks of the year I take a little break from drawing to work extra in a flower shop. It’s really hectic, but has its charm:) So, I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a calm and sweet holiday, remember to take care of each other- and yourself too:) And I’m looking forward to meeting you in the year to come.



a new way of walking

There's something fascinating about this little video.. Someone has commented it as being more amazed by the invisible man than the shoes, and that's the first thing that came to my mind. You immediately start imaging someone in those shoes. I see a man in black with a top hat...

...what do you see?


waiting for christmas

Christmas is 'tre nøtter til Askepott og nellikmandarin' (don’t know how to translate this tradition!).. Tile with butterfly by Stine Rommetveit.

Today has been about chilling on the couch, listening to good music and browsing the web for inspiration and ideas for Christmas gifts. After staying up until early morning, dancing and having fun at a Christmas party last night, I think this was the best way to spend a Sunday.

I wouldn’t mind finding one of these under the tree.. The coloured ‘Splash’ pillow from Fine little day makes me smile:)

And this book looks like a dream. Both in words and photos. Photographer Pia Jane Bijkerk creates a very beautiful atmosphere in her pictures, just look at these....


Thanks for good friends and an easy Sunday.


backyard christmas market




IMG_8772     IMG_8763

IMG_8757  IMG_8791


Last Sunday some fellow designers and I arranged a small Christmas market in the backyard of Baluba Illustrasjon. Well, luckily we had set up everything inside as the weather was storming.. But we tried to decorate the backyard and make it welcoming, and we were happy to see so many people showing up! Inside they got a cup of "gløgg" to warm up on before they could wander around and look at our goods; Prints, original drawings and photos, Christmas cards, handmade porcelain, vintage underwear (!) and lots more. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, and I hope everyone else did too:) More photos on our Baluba blog too!

IMG_8795  IMG_8789 
And look at these cute ‘to & from’ cards I got from Kathrine! With my name on it and everything. I have the best studio mate;)