a path through the trees

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Sketchbook: Done and posted!

Before Christmas I joined "The Sketchbook Project", the 2012 world tour, which is a constantly evolving library of artists' sketchbooks from across the globe. It works like this: When you sign up for the project you choose between a few themes, a sketchbook is sent to you, and you fill it with whatever you want really. Once finished you send it back (by today..), and in April it starts its grand tour around the world! It will travel around libraries, and each book has a its own barcode so you can keep track of yours and where it goes. After that again it ends up in the Brooklyn Art Library, where it will stay.. forever?

What a cool idea.

Here are some of the pages for you to have a sneak peak at, eventually the whole book will be digitalized by the library. Oh, and the theme I chose was right up my alley: "A path through the trees".

IMG_9341  wolves




a little bit of business

January is a good month for organizing and get your head back where it belongs. The way I work now I change between my hobbyjob (thanks to Kine for that word!), which is in a flower shop, and my illustration work. I like doing both, but it can also be quite challenging jumping from one thing to the other. Especially if you keep everything floating inside your head. So I found out I needed to make myself a little system to get all my projects in order. In one place to give me a sense of control and know-what-to-do-next. I always keep lists and write down all my ideas, but somehow it’s not enough. The lists are endless and don’t leave me with a feeling of a "mission completed". So what I did was making project sheets (inspired by the flower shop!) to keep track of all commisions and projects, small or large. On these I fill in all information and steps needed to accomplish each project, the deadline (I give myself one if needed!), and I’ve made little boxes that I can tick off along the way... A small thing perhaps, but it really gave me a sense of peace and control, and I have a clearer view on what’s next on my list. Once finished I will archive it so I can check later for example how long time I spent on a project. Simple, yet feels pretty good!  

Here’s another nice sheet (above) I found a while ago made by Penelope Dullaghan. It’s like when you put it on paper it feels more real.

And with this one I wish you a happy weekend! (What you focus on grows.) -Image from Camilla.



mira [drawing by miss talseth]

This is Mira. She was the dog of my life.. As a golden retriever she lived up to her breed’s reputation and was a great family dog. She was everyone’s best friend (ok, not to cats perhaps) and an invaluable member of my family for 12 years. She died a few years ago, but I gave this drawing of her to my parents last year to "keep her" in our home. It is how I remember her, with that warm and gentle look.

the joy of books


letting go

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anja frers

Letting go of the old and open up for what is coming. Sharing with you some inspiration, above are some of my favourites for a new year of creating... something magical.

[Image sources (from top): Laura Makabresku - Unknown - The Paris Apartment - Unknown - Unknown - Anthropologie candelabra - via Vamoose - via Daisy2Klein - via Abundance]

‘Takk for det gamle!’