a little bit of business

January is a good month for organizing and get your head back where it belongs. The way I work now I change between my hobbyjob (thanks to Kine for that word!), which is in a flower shop, and my illustration work. I like doing both, but it can also be quite challenging jumping from one thing to the other. Especially if you keep everything floating inside your head. So I found out I needed to make myself a little system to get all my projects in order. In one place to give me a sense of control and know-what-to-do-next. I always keep lists and write down all my ideas, but somehow it’s not enough. The lists are endless and don’t leave me with a feeling of a "mission completed". So what I did was making project sheets (inspired by the flower shop!) to keep track of all commisions and projects, small or large. On these I fill in all information and steps needed to accomplish each project, the deadline (I give myself one if needed!), and I’ve made little boxes that I can tick off along the way... A small thing perhaps, but it really gave me a sense of peace and control, and I have a clearer view on what’s next on my list. Once finished I will archive it so I can check later for example how long time I spent on a project. Simple, yet feels pretty good!  

Here’s another nice sheet (above) I found a while ago made by Penelope Dullaghan. It’s like when you put it on paper it feels more real.

And with this one I wish you a happy weekend! (What you focus on grows.) -Image from Camilla.

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