a path through the trees

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Sketchbook: Done and posted!

Before Christmas I joined "The Sketchbook Project", the 2012 world tour, which is a constantly evolving library of artists' sketchbooks from across the globe. It works like this: When you sign up for the project you choose between a few themes, a sketchbook is sent to you, and you fill it with whatever you want really. Once finished you send it back (by today..), and in April it starts its grand tour around the world! It will travel around libraries, and each book has a its own barcode so you can keep track of yours and where it goes. After that again it ends up in the Brooklyn Art Library, where it will stay.. forever?

What a cool idea.

Here are some of the pages for you to have a sneak peak at, eventually the whole book will be digitalized by the library. Oh, and the theme I chose was right up my alley: "A path through the trees".

IMG_9341  wolves



2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Dette så stilig ut :) Mamma

Kathrine sa...

ahha..glemte jo å se den før du sendte den avgårde. bra du har tatt bilder:) Ser kjempestilig ut.