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[Above: Joanna Rubin Dranger]


[photos and sketches by miss talseth]

Sometimes time just slips away through your fingers. The first part of this year was just like that. So here are some places visited back then, when I went to Grilldagen in Oslo in March. It was so good to just walk around and be absorbed in different surroundings, taking my time, walking in gardens, visiting museums, catching up with good old friends. Åshild Irgens, an illustrator I met through the same happening last year, was so kind to have me visiting her studio at Kobolt Design. It is always inspiring to see other creative working places! I should’ve asked to take some photos, but got lost in talking business..

Then there was the seminar I came for, called Grilldagen, which is a yearly event arranged by Grafill. This time we were entertained by a Buddhist nun, a funny guy working as a coach and writer (amongst other things) talking about life and work and everything in between really, and last but not least illustrator and teacher at Konstfack; Joanna Rubin Dranger. She brought us into her world of "simple" and striking, inky illustrations and stories she makes into children books and graphic novels. She really is a good storyteller, I love her work now that I discovered it! She also showed us the animation made out of one of her graphic novels; Miss Remarkable and her Career; "A gallows humorous animated film about inner demons, crushing parental expectations and a career meltdown."
Hmm, certainly a person or two could recognize themselves in a story like this:) Worth a look, I tell you!

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