waiting for a whale

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sand copy 

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We’ve had one week of summer so far. It was amazing, I hope there is more to come.. I had almost forgotten how it felt to walk barefoot in the sand! What a feeling. While waiting for more I’ve been drawing. First I finished a commisioned portrait of a cool old rally car; A bright orange SAAB 96. Just started drawing the humpback whale, the first of a series of drawings I’m making for an exhibition in July (so better get a move on..!). I was very happy to be invited by my friend Stine Rommetveit to join her as the festival artists of Ranglerock, a small music festival at Bryne. We decided to explore sound as a theme, and the whale soon came into my mind, with its strange, eerie voice. I keep wanting to draw these creatures... So that’s just what I’ll do;) Whale song. Can you hear it? Other ideas in the making too, I’ll show you more, if I have the time to leave my drawing board..

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