holiday ahead

teardrop_camper [teardrop camper found via Ian Claridge]

Finally a bit of holiday for me too, although I’m certainly bringing my sketchbook and camera, which in a way is my job, but it is the fun part of it. Off on a roadtrip to the unknown, and wish I could bring that sweet teardrop camper (nice name too). 


IMG_0664[photos of yellow rose by miss talseth]

Enjoying the presence of these yellow beauties while packing. Wishing you all a happy summer and looking forward to bringing back a little bit of adventure.

3 kommentarer:

Kathrine Kristiansen sa...

ELSKTE den campingvognen. Tenk å hatt den! God tur til Frankrike.

Miss Talseth sa...

Ja den ser fantastisk ut!! Jeg vil ha en sånn en gang.

Koser meg på tur!

red-handed sa...

I hope you had a great (and yellow) time!