good luck to you

Over at Baluba we just wrapped up our card competition (inspired by last year’s calendar competition), and this is how my entry turned out. You could choose to illustrate ‘congratulations’,
‘thank you’ and mine is for ‘good luck’
(I hope it works;). I thought I’d share some photos from the process, sometimes I like unfinished drawings better (and sketches too), when they can still go off in lots of directions. There’s a sense of spontanity and freedom in it. Ok, this specific illustration might not look so spontanious, but the colouring actually was, and I really enjoyed doing it; It is times like these I can use old skills I gained as a little girl playing with coulouring pens and pencils;) As you can see from one of the sketches above I was unsure at first what colour tones to use, loved the blues, but for ‘good luck’ and the image itself I felt it needed some more energetic colours. I’m a bit sad though that I lost the neon colour of the lettering when scanning the drawing.. Anyone who knows a trick for using neon colours for printing, please let me know!

lykke_til_red [illustrations/photos by miss talseth]

The two illustrations above show how I processed the drawing further in photoshop with crop, colour and texture. I like this part of the process too, but it can be hard to know when to stop.. And I prefer keeping as much as the original touch as possible, I guess it’s part of my style of illustrating. Finally I ended up with using the bottom illustration for the card collection. Have a look at my studio blog to see the other participants’ entries!

‘Maybe I'm lucky to be going so slowly, because I may be going in the wrong direction’ - Ashleigh Brilliant

(more on luck here;)


portrait of a grand bear

bear_portrait_2   bear_2

[drawing by miss talseth]

Or rather my grandfather! I recently made this drawing for his 90th birthday. He has (and still is) always been fascinated by animals and nature (like myself:) and bears are just one of his many favourites. I think he bears (!) some resemblance to the bear in the portrait, and he deserves a good spot on the family picture wall. Hurray for lovely grandfathers!