portrait of a grand bear

bear_portrait_2   bear_2

[drawing by miss talseth]

Or rather my grandfather! I recently made this drawing for his 90th birthday. He has (and still is) always been fascinated by animals and nature (like myself:) and bears are just one of his many favourites. I think he bears (!) some resemblance to the bear in the portrait, and he deserves a good spot on the family picture wall. Hurray for lovely grandfathers!

5 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Han såg jo rektig såntriveleg ut den karen:)

Eple sa...

Staslig og flott bamsefar. Jeg stemmer i; hurra for bestefedre!!

Miss Talseth sa...

Ja, ikke sant? Han ble feiret med stor fest og mye latter:)

sMacThoughts sa...

I was sent here by another blog I follow, Red-Handed. Your work is wonderful!

Miss Talseth sa...

Hello there, I'm glad you stopped by! I follow Red-Handed's blog too, and was very happy and surprised when my bear popped up there:) How nice that you liked it too;)