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This time of the year always turns out to be the busiest for me. And the most fun too! I certainly have been enjoying this project; Making a wintery window display for BOHEMIA (a beautiful interior/fashion shop located at Sola, just outside Stavanger). The lovely lady who runs this business let me come up with an idea for decorating a window and the space behind the counter. I’ve had this idea in my mind for some time about displaying pictures in boxes, like deep frames, and this was a good project to experiment with just that. I printed some of my snowy photos onto transparent paper and attached them to the white boxes. It looks quite magical when it’s dark, with candles lit inside they are just like light boxes. I also wanted to use my drawings, but show them off in a new way. I started experimenting with transferring pictures onto wood, choosing nordic animals to suit the winter theme, and soon I had a growing pile of wooden deers, foxes, trees and a big polar bear on my desk. As you can see, they have now moved into their temporary home where they will stay until Christmas. I hope you like it. Now go see it!


take your moose for a walk

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[all photos - and moose - by miss talseth]