toy stories

Love this! Just my sense of humour. Toy stories by Aled Lewis, found via daftbird.


spring is for inspiration

Leaving for Oslo soon to attend this year’s Grilldagen, an illustration seminar arranged by Grafill. I’m ready for some inspiration and looking forward to meeting other illustrators as well as catching up with old friends. There’ll be some music too!


..spring is on its way, yay!


dear miss potter

[Above: Illustrations by Beatrix Potter,found via BibliOdyssey]

Young_BeatrixI don’t usually make much fuss about specific dates in our calendar, but somehow today got me thinking. If there’s one date to remember, I would choose this one, Women’s Day. And there was one woman that came to my mind today, that recently caught my attention, as I was wathcing the movie about "Miss Potter".
Her story moved me, and I felt right at home in her little world of animal and natural studies. In addition to being a successful illustrator and author, she also became a natural scientist and conservationist. She inspires me because she walked a different path in a time when women still were expected to fill a certain role, and that one only; being a housewife. Beatrix Potter soon made her own money by writing and illustrating the wellknown "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", and later in life she bought her own farm in the English Lake District. Here she could fully enjoy and explore her love of the natural world, and she even bought additional farms to preserve the unique hill country landscape found in this area. She was a woman with great imagination and with a profound engagement in the world she lived in. I like that. So dear Miss Potter; I take this day to salute you not just as a great storyteller, but as a remarkable woman.


[Above: Illustration by Beatrix Potter found here. Small photo of the illustrator herself found here.]