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I love the work of Siv Elise Seland, who is the fashion designer of iiS of Norway, and recently I made these two banners for her to use at a stand at Gave & Interiørmessen in Lillestrøm. iiS Woodling is the women’s collection, and Little Mountains is for kids. As designers always have to think ahead, these are the autumn collections for 2013 (I haven’t quite got used to that yet!). She is very much inspired by the natural and animal world, like myself, so it was an inspiring project to work with. I had the photos of the models to start from (lovely Barbro Andersen at the top, photographed by Julie Pike), and added my own work, making a digital collage. Would like to do more of this, please. (:

liten rev
little_mountains little_mountains_detail

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