double it


[photos by miss talseth]


v e r s a t i l i t y

sunny_progress_white   [commisioned horse portrait in progress]
 yoga_kriger[illustrating yoga poses for a newsletter]

hestene_collage[sketchbook collage]

hare_prikker[illustration for a project in progress]

smart_kinetics[illustration & design for business card]

[all images above by miss talseth]

I love the variation in work you can do as an Illustrator. I never get bored! I hope that shows a little bit here. The work shown above are some of my recent projects and commissions in progress. I think there are advantages of developing a recognisable and individual style as an Illustrator, but versatility can be good too. I love being absorbed in the details of pencil drawing, or playing with composition and materials in a collage and the freedom of quick and quirky line drawings. I guess the red line in my work is that it always starts out in my sketchbook, pencil on paper. And it usually pops up an animal or two!