get your sketchbook out

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_MG_4621[all photos/drawings by miss talseth]

Inspired by a video (plus the fact that I had only a couple of pages left in my current sketchbook) I went out and treated myself with two new sketchbooks. Moleskine is my favourite (and I know I’m not the only one to embrace it), because I love the smooth texture and the light creamy colour of the paper. I also prefer the soft cover ones. Ok, enough of the geeky excitement of sketchbooks and paper quality. It’s so lovely outside these days, so I took the opportunity to bring my new sketchbooks out in a botanical garden nearby, Arboré et, such a beautiful place with plants and trees in all kind of colours, and wonderful smells. That little bird in the photo above came back to me several times, probably looking if I was gonna eat something soon.

And then there’s this video - How to become a childen’s book illustrator in one (not so easy) step - just have a look! For some reason I couldn’t copy it to my blog, but the drawings below show you a glimpse of the work that’s appearing in the video, made by the illustrator Renata Liwska. It certainly got me drawing (:

renata9 tumblr_lxgwuhC88R1qhy54ao1_400
coversketches [Sketches by Renata Liwska]


where’s my house


I can’t help but dream of where I would like to live some day.. A place in the forest, by a river or lake, with horses grazing and a dog playing outside my doorstep.

hus_grey  flette_grey [Drawings by miss talseth]