change of scenery

soleie _MG_0465

There are changes in my life at the moment. Change of scenery, both new and familiar at the same time. I’ve mad a big move, bought a house, in the forest, just what I’ve been dreaming of. It feels surreal. And I’ve got a dog - I S L A - my very own deerhound! Another dream come true. New studio too, a refreshing new start. Lucky, I am.

(ps: to weigh up for the silence on the blog so far this year, I’ve just published three blog posts in a row. They were ready all the time, but for some reason I never managed to post them... Hopefully you’ll like it still. Will be back soon to show you some new work too.)


move with the wind

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_MG_8062[photos by miss talseth]

travelling through seasons



_MG_8780        _MG_8804[photos by miss talseth]

From West to South.
From Spring to Winter.
From grey to grey.

And a hint of cold blue.