mister hare

2 black hares  haren brun [illustrations by miss talseth]

There’s something about dressing up animals. They start acting strange, I’ll tell you. I was just drawing this hare, starting with his fluffy ears and getting those eyes right. He looked at me as if I was supposed to leave him in the cold like that, now that winter is approaching and all. So I had better make him a jumper. Then there was his mouth, he wouldn’t keep it still and I had to give him a pipe. Look at all that smoke he’s been puffing out. There was nothing I could do about it.


boo from the past

in the woods
polar bear
black horse
horse eyes
zebraball  polska
[all images by miss talseth]

Found some photos from an old sketchbook that I really liked! These have quite a raw feeling about them, I was working a lot with deep earthy colours and sketchy lines back then. I often rediscover old work and use them in new illustrations, or are reminded of unused ideas and ways of experimenting with materials/techniques. Have you noticed the one object that stays with me through all times? Yes, I’m haunted by the H O R S E... I hope it didn’t scare you.